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Rabbits Road Press: Open Day


Join us for a day of printing fun and art chat as we launch the Rabbits Road Press Spring/Summer 2018 Public Programme! Come along and see what happens at Rabbits Road Press, celebrate the work that has been produced and find out how you can get involved.



PROCESS! is a new two-day festival celebrating and interrogating the making of independent media. In the context of high speed media and access to infinite information, how do we create time, space and approaches that can enable us to process the social and political climate and create new media and outputs?

Big Family Press with OOMK


We've been working with South London Gallery and after school club at Oliver Goldsmiths Primary School in Peckham for the past six months with the aim of exploring heritage through the knowledge and ideas of children. Workshops were co-developed with the children and focussed on local knowledge, knowledge of self and imagination. Themes and ideas were explored through making books, art, games and the developing stories.

Rabbits Road Press : Funding Success


We're delighted to announce that Rabbits Road Press has secured funding to run a very exciting programme of events over the next 12 months!

Rabbits Road Press: Open Access Returns


We're pleased to let you know that Rabbits Road Press, our community Risograph printing press, will reopen for free weekly Open Access sessions from January 10th 2018. If exploring Risograph printing happens to be on the top of your New Years to-do list (it is now) come down to our appointment-free sessions to receive a 1:1 induction from one of our OOMK technicians.

New OOMK HQ: Somerset House Studios


After much anticipation and preparations (mainly just researching office plants), we moved into a new studio at Somerset House this month. Over the next year we’ll be working to develop OOMK into a sustainable publishers, specialising in work exploring women, art and activism.

OOMK 6 Launch
30 November 2017, Somerset House Studios, 7-10pm


OOMK issue 6 is finally here! Join us for the launch at Somerset House. In issue 6 we push food beyond our plates as we discover artists, chefs and writers doing more than just eating. An essential component for remaining alive and a favourite of pastimes, we explore food as art, enemy, friend and refuge. Forever food.

Food Rules

Sana Badri


Food and Gentrification


As the London neighbourhoods we grew up in transform beyond recognition to make way for new residents and audiences, we take a step back to assess the damage. We catch up with researcher and curator Hudda Khaireh and food journalist Pelin Keskin for a frank conversation about food, class and encroachment.

Willowbrook Farm


Asiyla Radwan is an artist and writer from Oxfordshire. She grew up on Willlowbrook Farm, the first halal organic farm in England, set up in 2012 by her mother and father, Ruby and Lutfi Radwan. She gave OOMK a tour and talked about food, growing up green and the future of farming.

Anna Della Subin


Written by Anna Della Subin, ‘Not Dead but Sleeping’ is a beautifully woven account of historically significant sleepers. With reference to stories from religious texts, contemporary plays and traditional tales, the book explores, amongst other things, the virtues of sleeping.

Seeing Red


See Red Women’s Workshop, a screen-printing workshop run as a women’s collective between 1974 and the early 1990s, was based in South London and produced some of the most striking posters and pamphlets to emerge from the ongoing feminist movement. OOMK interviewed founding members Pru Stevenson and Susan Mackie.

Deep Roots


A committed trade unionist, cultural and political activist, and poet in his native Trinidad , John La Rose came to London in 1960 with sophisticated ideas on the relationship between print, publishing, and politics formed by the anti-colonial political and cultural struggles taking place in the Caribbean.